Thursday, September 23, 2010

Where did the year go?

Oh my. I swore I wouldn't do this anymore.....I did it and I left ya hangin', didn't I. I'm blaming it all on Facebook! It's true. Since I have started using FB, my blogging has pretty much come to a stand-still.

Well, let's see if I can recap the year as it's been.

My last entry was about INSANITY.  I said I'd post pictures, but I decided to only put them on FB....if you want to see them, check 'em out there! I finished it and will be doing it again in January. I'm thinking that this will be an annual event!! The workouts are still happening, they're just not anywhere as intense as what I experienced at the beginning of the year. My next venture will be TURBOFire. It looks like it's going to be a blast....I sure hope I'm ready for it!  Here's the lowdown on the family:

Aanika flew through 1st grade like it was nobody's business and was all too ready for 2nd grade. She spent the summer going to Camp Lakewood, visiting her Oma & Opa at the lake, days at Six Flags riding her coasters and many a lazy day at the local pool.

My summer was busy with a bathroom remodeling that is finally finished. It's lovely and relaxing and that's exactly what I wanted for it!
Kevin, well, let's just say he's had an interesting year. He's busy, busy, busy but he always made time for the family.

Fast forward to the new school year~
  • Aanika's a 2nd grader, still a bookworm and has grown more in the last year than we can keep up with. At this rate, she's right on target for that 5' 10" growth chart prediction! We're not too sure she's going to keep on with violin. She doesn't seem to have the same interest in it that got us started down that road. Although she can play it "technically" she doesn't show the signs of having the ear for it. *sigh* Kevin is playing with the idea of starting back on piano....maybe Momma and Aanika can jump on that train when it comes through. ; )
  • Kevin got a new toy! Because he has worked so hard this summer and missed out on a lot of fun, I bought him his "dream" bike! I know that he would never have bought it for himself....he'd just keep going to the store and admire it from afar. The surprise was awesome! He was actually speechless for quite a while.
  • I've got some projects in the works for myself.
I'll do my best to post again soon to let you know how they're going....

Saturday, March 20, 2010


We've reached the end of our 60-day INSANITY challenge. The little girl even gets into it a bit on the weekends! Here she is working out with her daddy the other day.

We'll be posting our before and after pictures so check back soon!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Aanika's 7th Birthday!

Aanika had a fun-filled birthday! She picked Three Margarita's (Mexican) for lunch and then it was on to the big event.....THE PARTY!!

She invited 7 friends (7th birthday/7 friends) and all of them came! Here they are in the swimming finery and ready for a fun time.

Thanks to everyone who came and sent gifts....she had a wonderful day!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Little sick girl

Little bugs make for nasty playmates. Aanika has been home from school for the last 3 days!! Augh! For a kid who LOVES school, this is like torture. ; ) Pediatrician checked her over and is treating her with some meds.

Next post:

I'll post pictures then.....

Monday, January 18, 2010

The little girl and her friends

It's been pretty quiet around here lately except for the amount of playdates that the little girl has been having. So, just for fun, I thought I'd show you some pictures of the little girl and some of her best buddies! We're so very thankful for these friends as well as their families. It's great knowing that she's growing up with such a great group of kids.

Joy and Aanika having dinner in her room - a very special treat!

Joy and Aanika selling flowers and seeds on a very warm November day. They made their own sign as well as a song that they sang at the top of their lungs as the cars went by. ; ) Best yet, they made over $6!

An after-school play date: Aanika, Kendahl, Joy and Jada. All of these sweet little girls live in our neighborhood.

Aanika and Kylie riding their bikes. Kylie lives two doors down....

The girls of summer....

Monday, January 11, 2010

Fun start to 2010

Just HOW do you start a new year out? Working? Travelling? Nope! For us it's taking down the Christmas decorations and the tree and best yet, ice skating!

As Momma took down all the little things of Christmas, the boys of the family tackled the tree. As you can see here, Mr. Smudgy is doing a fine job!

Here is Kev and Aanika getting ready to skate. Sorry, it's the only picture I have of her since they wouldn't allow cameras on the ice.

I did however manage to sneak it out and take a quick video of her. Sorry, the picture is I said, I was being sneaky!

Aanika did really well except for one monster fall. She was finally venturing out on her own and it was going to be the last time she was able to get on the ice before the session closed. She no more touched her second skate to the ice and .....brief silence....SPLAT! and then the tears came. She was a tough cookie though! We stood her up, wiped the ice shavings from her bootie, dried her tears, gave her a hug and lots of encouragement and then off she went! All in all, a very fun outing. ; )

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Long time, no see

Wow, it's been quite a while since I updated this! Facebook has kind of taken over as my posting site but I forget that not everyone is, my new year's resolution is to keep this site current! ; )

We've had a lot going on this year. Aanika is now a FIRST GRADER and is a total bookworm. She loves school and says the library is her favorite class. Can that be considered a class? She thinks so, so I guess we'll just have to encourage that.

This summer was all about fun, fun, fun!! We spent many hours at Six Flags (daddy bought her and momma summer passes), bike riding - she's now confidently on two wheels, and all things little girls can do in the summer. We went to Oma & Opa Sprecher's house on the lake quite a few times and had lots of fun with her cousins, Aunts and Uncles as well as some new friends she met there. There were scooters to ride with the other kids, boat rides, dock jumping and even her first ride on a SeaDoo!! She loved her summer!

The end of our summer took us on a family trip to Wyoming to visit my nephew who is living and working on a beautiful ranch as well as a visit to Yellowstone. The trip went way too fast and we're looking forward to returning!

Now it's already past the Christmas season and we're moving full speed ahead into 2010....are we ready? I hope so! Violin is back in session for the Spring season, we're looking into Summer Camps for the little girl and tentatively making trip plans for something special next Christmas! We're also going to be starting some renovations on the house so that ought to be a ton of fun too.

Like I said, I'll keep this more up to date so be sure to come back often and see what's happening in our world!